Friday, October 4, 2013


hi girls ! So today i decided to post quick outfit of the day its getting cold outside now and proper autumn all the leafs falling and raining almost everyday. I didint do anything special today so just wore comfortable clothes . Hope you like it ! 

Jeans : bershka
Jacket : penneys/primark last year
Shoes : fake converse from penneys / primark
Scarf : river island  

                                                                  Love Diana xxx

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Monthly favorites September.

Hello ladys  ! Hope your doing ok  :) I cant believe its already the end of September it doesnt feel like autumn in Ireland because you can still get away with wearing tops shorts ect. I think we never ever had such a warm September without rain or wind its amazing i love taken my dog out on walk in the evening and its so warm and great really enjoying this weather ! This month i been using a lot of new products and i love them all I have learned so much true youtube and blogs about makeup brands ect. I never use to keep up with beauty products when they coming out and all but now I am like crazy waiting for new products to hit the shops haha . 

To remove my makeup i been 
using this loreal skin perfection 
remover its ment to be kinda like 
bioderma and its really is !  And
for my face cream i been using this
olay sample flawless skin its great 
keeps my skin looking
good all day i been using this 
on my holiday too since it have 
spf 30 which is great . 

 For my foundation i re-discovered Loreal true match
i used this foundation before years ago and then for some reason
i stopped using it  and now on youtube loads of girls use it and love it
so i decided to get my own one again and i love it i dont know why
i ever stop using it ! Stays on my face all day looks so natural its amazing 
For my second foundation i got this benefit flawless sample and its great
I dont know if I would pay over 30 euro for it since great foundations 
Like true match are out there for half of the price ! But it was good
to have this little sample and try it out for myself 
  For my eyebrows i been using this inglot palette  its wax and shadow 
keeps my eyelashes in place all day and if your wondering why 
I have this random pink shade in my eyebrow palette its 
because it was DIY and i choose this shade for my lips but used
once haha . And for my blush i been using this no7 blush and bronzer
in one its great does the job doesnt come off during the day . 

When i dont have time to wash my hair i use batise dry
shampoo it keeps my hair clean and smells nice i bought this one 
mainly because of the leopard print bottle haha . For my hair conditioner
after i wash it i been using this dove nourishing oil care  this stuff is heaven 
in a bottle . I cant believe how good dove haircare is everything smells so good
and i cant even imaging blowdrying my hair and now using this spray  it made such a big difference !

This is it for todays post I hope you like it and please let me know if you ever used any of these products and whats been your favorite true out of September . Have a lovely weekend and I will be back soon with my autumn look book . 

Love Diana  xxx

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Updated room tour/ decor

Hello ladys !  so finally i got a chance to snap few pictures of my room ! I changed it around got new desk and makeup storage . In this post i will only show you my room and decorations i will write another post showing my makeup collection and how i organise it . About 3 years ago i fell in love with white furniture and i think here in Ireland its kinda hard to find white furniture so thanks god for ikea! 
There is still few things that i want to get for my room like a new bed and chair for my desk and maybe a little rug . But for now i really love how i organised my room and i hope you like it too ! If you have a blog post or youtube video of your makeup storage or room tour please link it bellow i would love to see it ! I feel like i have already watched most of the room tours on youtube ha ha ... 

                                     My bedding is from ikea odestrad and its 12e. 
                                              I usually dont like orange but i think it looks kinda

                                             Desk is micke from ikea then i have 9 draw unit
                                             alex from ikea and little ugly chair also from ikea ! 
                                             alex unit was 100 euro and desk 65euro :) chair 
                                             I got it on sale and it was 6 euro ages ago 

                                This is just closer look as you can see desk have 1 large draw 
                                and 4 shelfs at the side even though you can only see two now 
                                 i love my set up now and its not too busy and still pretty looking

                                This is were i keep few of my books and dvds and little photo
                                of myself when i was about 3 years old haha

                                              This is shelfs that comes at the side of the desk
                                             I love them so much i just storage my cosmo 
                                              collection little studded bag and on top just 
                                              frame of picture that i printed of google photo frame 
                                            is from 1.49cent shop so i spend less then 1.50 on it hahaha !

  I hope you like it and maybe got some storage or decor ideas for your own room ! Talk to you soon !

                                                                Love Diana xxx

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summer most worn !

Hi guys so today i will share few of my most worn or used products and clothes that i used true out summer. I been away on holiday  so i got the chance to wear shorts and dresses and light clothes since in Ireland we only get few nice and really warm summer days . So there you go ! 

                                                     My lovely penneys playsuit ! 
                                                      It looked so nice on me when i got 
                                                     Bit of tan on holiday i wore this 
                                                     at night when we went out for food 
                                                     and drinks and got so much compliments
                                                      on it and the best part it was only 7euro

                                                         River island dress so comfortable 
                                                       i sunburned during out stay and 
                                                       this dress saved my life as its
                                                       so comfortable and lovely at the same 
                                                       time ! 
                                                      Hollister spray i took this to the pool 
                                                      with me and it kept me so refreshed

                                                 And olay bb cream i picked this up day 
                                                  before i left and its great for day time 
                                                   to cover up uneven skin tone :) 

                                                                  Love Diana xxx

Friday, September 20, 2013

Latest beauty favorites !

Hi guys hope your ok . Today i decided to look true my makeup and skin care and see what i been loving and using for the past few months . Even though seasons changing now and its getting colder i still going to continue using these products true out autumn / winter . I hope you like it please let me know what are your favorite products ! 

Elizabeth arden 8 hour cream
i got little sample in a glossy box a while back
and been using ever since 
i apply little bit around my eyebrows 
before i plug them haha ! 

                                                      Rimmel wake me up i been using this 
                                                       foundation all summer and its amazing ! 

                                                 Loreal telescopic mascara i been using this
                                                 on and off for years but now i fully gone 
                                                  back to it and it makes my eyelashes so long


                                                    Last but not least origins face mask i got little 
                                                     sample of it to try its amazing makes my skin feeling
                                                    so clean and soft  i cant wait to get full size !

Thats it for this post , I am planning to do autumn look book for you guys and also updated room tour / makeup storage  . I got new desk for my room yesterday and was up until 4 am building it and the cleaning my room  So I will post pictures of it soon !

                                                                       Love Diana xxx

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hi Girls ! Hope your summer was amazing ! Here in Ireland we were so lucky to enjoy sun for most of the summer . Its even warm and sunny now which never happens in August ! I been away to Gran Canaria for 2 weeks and had the most amazing time ever ! Its a pity my tan is already washing off though ..
Anyway autumn is my favorite season ever i just love it so much i cant wait to start wearing warmer clothes and start styling my autumn clothes . There will be few hauls coming up on the blog very soon as i been shopping for my autumn clothes already . I also want to do some look book type of posts in the near future. I am trying to figure out how i want my blog to be as i am not very happy with my blogs design at the moment . I also uploading my first video on youtube as i type this . Its my makeup collection and storage .
I will talk to you soon !

Sunday, January 13, 2013

How much does may daily beauty routine cost ?

Hello girls ! So i seen this cool tag going around where you have to look at all the beauty products that you use on your face everyday and add price of all of them  i  read Belinda Selene one and it was crazy ! She added up prices of all her products that she use everyday and it come out in total of over 300 $ !!! I was like that is crazy so i wanted to see how much does my items cost in total and share it with you i think its super cool idea and it gets you thinking how much we really spend on makeup products .
I will start with my morning routine when i was my face , moisturizer , foundation concealer ect please let me know if you are going to do this tag and link it bellow i would love to see it !

  1. So first i start with my face wash Neutrogena Visibly clear 2-1 this is the only face wash that doesin't   break me out and i love it so much leaves my skin feeling so bright and fresh in a mornings i got this in boots for 6.49 euro . And sometimes i use it as a mask too . 
2. After i wash my face i like to moisturize it with benefit facial cream i got it on asos .com for 36euro and i like the way it doesnt feel like i  have moisturizer on it feels very light on the skin

3. After that i apply my Revlon photo ready foundation which i think is amazing it leaves my skin glowing super light on the skin and a good cover i got this in Boots for 16.49 euro 
4. I only got this concealer last week but i feel in love with it already it covers all of my spots with no bother i am really amazed how good this is no wonder every one on youtube and there blogs always talk about it and it was only 6.49 euro from  Boots . 
   5. Then i use my bourjois chocolate bar bronzer which smells amazing but its kinda weird when i apply it on my face it doesnt look like its on but during the day it shows up that its on my face and it leaves kinda nice sun kissed finish so i am not sure whats the deal with this but i do like it it cost 11 euro in Boots .

6. For my blush i use benefit coralista blush that i got recently from boots for 35 euro and it works so well on my skin tone i always get loads of compliments on it .

  7. Then i apply some eye shadow i use color naked for my eyebrows and i know its an eye shadow put it mach my eye brows very well and for my lid i use virgin it  makes my blue eyes stand out more and look more tired and sleepy this was from Debenhams urban decay counter for 40.50 euro 

8. Last but not least YSL mascara that i got in boots just before christmas and it was around 28 euro 
i payed with my boots points so its kinda for free but i love it my eye lashes look super long and thick with it on i am not a fan of the price  ha ha . 

So the total of all of these products is :  179.97 euros !!!!! that is crazy and i didint even include my makeup brushes face removers or anything its just wow ha ha it was such fun tag to do ! Hope you will  have a nice week and i will talk to you  soon ! 

                                                                         Love Diana xxx